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    Welcome to SP Renewable Energy Sources Pvt. Ltd.

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    Our mission is to be the best in providing profitable solutions for waste management and production of biogas for our clients.

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    Our corporate vision is to see SPRE as a premiere and respected organization for designing and delivering quality biogas plant systems all over the world.

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    We provide excellence and perfection in our duty towards our clients, and innovative solutions for management of waste.


Advanced Biogas & Enrichment Technology.

Pre-fabricated biogas digesters.

Multi-Feedstock Compatible.

Remote Monitoring & Control Systems.

Welcome to SP Renewable Energy Sources Pvt. Ltd.

SPRE is a leading biogas company in India, operating across the world from its headquarters in Anand, Gujarat. SPRE was founded 14 years back and has been growing ever since, creating history.

We at SPRE design, construct and operate projects, centered on anaerobic digestion and biogas production. Inspired by nature SPRE combines energy efficiency with long-term sustainability, benefiting both businesses and the environment.

We offer technologies for production of energy from solid organic wastes, agricultural industrial waste water and biomass. We design, manufacture and deliver all types of biogas plants i.e. Flexi biogas plants, Mid-sized biogas plants and Industrial biogas plants, as per the customers' requirement.


Why Biogas?

  • Developed in collaboration with German & Dutch biogas companies.
  • The technology can take multiple feedstocks like agro-waste, press mud and cow dung.
  • Pre-fabricated containers using fibre glass allows centralized production.
  • No civil work needs to be taken.
  • Developed its own data logging and remote monitoring IT system.
  • Developed its own data logging and remote monitoring IT system.

Benefits of Biogas

Waste Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Energy Benefits

Economic Benefits

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